Souren A. Israelyan

Who We Are

The firm's practice focuses in the area of serious personal injury matters. We know how an unnecessary and avoidable accident could wreak havoc and disrupt the life of a person, his or her family and the loved ones around. We make sure that the voice of the injured person is heard. While we cannot restore health or lives, to bring some measure of justice we fight to secure adequate and fair monetary compensation for the victims and their families.

Juries are the last vestige of true democracy. They are the voice of the people against oppression, and the last true guardians to restore balance, on a case by case basis, to the rights of individuals versus the power structures of the government and large corporations.

Because we operate a small firm and take only a limited number of cases, we select those cases in which we firmly believe that the safety rules have been violated exposing people’s health and lives to unnecessary risk of harm. We have the perseverance, the know-how and the resources to handle the most complex matters from inception through the court proceedings, through trial and even appeals. Over half of the firm’s cases are referrals from other attorneys who trust the firm to handle complex and major injury cases.

“The safety of the people is the supreme law.”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero