Souren A. Israelyan


I thought a lot if I should list the record-breaking verdicts and monetary recoveries in this section, but decided against it, because that is not the true measure of the success or the results that we have achieved. I am more proud that we have forced corporate defendants to repair and get rid of the defects in sidewalks for which they are responsible, that we have forced other corporate defendants to cease business practices that endangered the safety of their customers, that safety devices now must be provided to workers at construction sites in New York if there is a significant elevation difference between a worker and an object, regardless the level on which the object stands relative to the worker.

The true measure of our success is the trust of our clients to represent and speak for them in the most devastating and challenging times of their lives, the good will of those around us who in many and untold ways have and continue to encourage our work, the dedicated and devoted work of my paralegals, the respect of my adversaries, the fairness of the judges in front of whom I have tried cases, the hard work of the court personnel who work tirelessly to assure smooth workings of the process, the loyalty of my friends, and the courage of those who rose to the occasion against all odds – They are my heroes and inspiration.

Looking back, I am humbled by the results that we have achieved. Our work, however, is far from being done.

Yours always,
Souren A. Israelyan

“The safety of the people is the supreme law.”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Souren A. Israelyan